Class DDFFile

  extended by edu.d.umn.fileformats.ElevationFile
      extended by edu.d.umn.fileformats.DDFFileAbstract
          extended by edu.d.umn.fileformats.DDFFile

public class DDFFile
extends DDFFileAbstract Created on July 1, 2005, 11:28 AM Extends ElevationFile to handle data from USGS SDTS transfers. These data files have a 4 number identifier followed by a word, and end in a ddf extension. Not all of the files from a transfer are necessary to build the model. The only ones this class currently uses is cel0.ddf, ddom.ddf, iden.ddf, and ldef.ddf. Many thanks to Bill Allen and his very helpful website for decoding the ddf files.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class edu.d.umn.fileformats.DDFFileAbstract
fileID, lengthOfFirstDirectoryElement, lengthOfLastDirectoryElement, lengthOfNextDirectoryElement, numDirectoryElements, startingPointOfDDA
Fields inherited from class edu.d.umn.fileformats.ElevationFile
elevations, fileName, filePath, groundCoordinates, maxElevation, minElevation, nColumns, nRows, quadrangleName, resolution
Constructor Summary
protected DDFFile()
  DDFFile(java.lang.String aFileName)
          Constructs a new DDFFile.
Method Summary
protected  void findElevations()
          Parses the elevation data out of the cel0 file.
protected  void findRowColMax()
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processElevations, processGroundCoordinates, processLeader, processMinMaxElevation, processRowColMax
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Constructor Detail


protected DDFFile()


public DDFFile(java.lang.String aFileName)
Constructs a new DDFFile.

aFileName - Should be the full path to the file.
Method Detail


protected void findElevations()
Parses the elevation data out of the cel0 file. Currently not as robust as I would like. Two important assumptions are made. 1. The data records all come in the same format. 2. The elevations are recorded in two byte signed integers. CAUTION! If an integer should fall outside of the minimum and maximum elevations, it is discarded.



protected void findRowColMax()